May is Mental Health Awareness Month. In honor of your team’s mental health, it’s important to take advantage of the month’s resources to explore and discuss what mental health looks like in the workplace. In 2023, workers are more invested than ever in preserving their mental health and well-being. Since these aspects of wellness support all business productivity, the best leaders and managers are focused on supporting their team members’ well-being as well. To lead in a way that supports your team’s well-being, keep these tips in mind:

Create a culture of honest feedback and communication.

Workers’ mental health suffers when they feel that they cannot openly and honestly mention problems, challenges, or issues in the workplace. Their attention gets divided between their work and the “everything is fine” persona that they feel obligated to project.

Creating a culture of honest feedback and communication, in which concerns are shared and no one is punished for raising issues, can heal this divide. Workers that don’t feel they have to conceal their concerns have more energy to focus on work. They’re also more likely to bring up problems before those problems become major issues.

Offer mental health benefits.

Many US workers suffer through deteriorating mental health because they lack access to mental health resources. Instead of addressing problems early, these workers are forced into a downward spiral. They may receive no support until their problems are so overwhelming that they can no longer work – to the detriment of their own careers, their team’s productivity, and their employer’s success.

Mental health benefits like access to mental health professionals, days off for mental health, and health insurance that covers mental health needs can all help your employees address small problems before those issues become disabling.

Model the wellness you want to see in your employees.

Practice active listening skills that give your employees a place to communicate with you honestly. Take time off for mental health and use the resources available when you need them. And reach out for help from other experienced professionals when it benefits you and your team.

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