Directors and officers liability insurance coverage, or D&O insurance, is one of the most important types of business insurance to carry – yet it’s also one of the least well-understood.


Here, we’ll unpack what D&O coverage is and what benefits it offers your business. We’ll also discuss why companies should carry D&O coverage even if they are privately held corporations.


What is D&O Insurance?

D&O insurance protects companies and their leadership when claims arise from leaders’ decisions and actions taken while leading the company. Common claims covered by D&O insurance include lawsuits related to allegations of wrongdoing against a company’s leadership.


Typically, the corporate form protects directors and officers from personal liability for decisions made in the course of carrying out lawful business. In some situations, however, a corporation can choose whether or not to indemnify its leadership. If the corporation chooses not to indemnify its directors and officers, they may face liability – and the potentially steep costs that come with it.


Why Privately Held Companies Need D&O Insurance Coverage

If your privately held company doesn’t have a board of directors, you may not believe you need D&O coverage. If your company has leadership, however, D&O coverage is essential to protect those leaders in the face of a lawsuit – even if they are not formally organized as a board.

Situations in which a company may need directors and officers liability coverage include:

  • The company is facing financial uncertainty, making it difficult or impossible to indemnify directors and officers.
  • The company is insolvent, or indemnifying directors and officers would lead to insolvency.
  • One or more laws prevent the company from extending indemnification to its directors and officers in the particular circumstances of a lawsuit.

Privately held and closely-held companies can face greater risk in these situations. When there are few owners, directors, or officers to name in a lawsuit, those that are available may bear the full brunt of liability exposure. Protecting them may cost the company its solvency and continued existence. D&O insurance provides the coverage necessary to protect these leaders.

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