Employee safety is always priority number one. And now, after almost two years of the pandemic, employers are more focused than ever on helping workers stay safe and healthy. Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, refers to items your employees can use to prevent the spread of germs, as well as improve health and safety on the job overall. Items like gloves, face masks and shields are all popular PPE items, but that’s not all that’s available to keep employees safe.


PPE has gone above and beyond the basic to state-of-the-art designs that boost employee well-being. Each year, ISHN (Industrial Safety & Hygiene News)* conducts a readers’ choice poll to collect the most innovative and most recommended PPE and occupational health and safety items of the year. (Please note, these helpful items are the recommendations of ISHN, not suggestions from Odell Studner.) Here are some of the items that made the list:

Magid® Cool Powered by Mission® HydroActive™ Cooling Gear

  • Using the power of evaporation, this line of apparel helps keep workers cool on the job while also protecting them from exposure to germs. Items include face covers, bandanas, neck gaiters, caps, and towels.

Magid® D-ROC® Hyperon® 13-gauge RepTek Grip® Silicone Palm Coated Work Glove (Cut Level A5)

  • These cut-resistant gloves offer hand protection that is lightweight and cool, without being bulky, and feature a dry grip to help with picking up items. These are a great choice for workers in any role that requires handling sharp materials, including glass manufacturing.

Magid® T-REX® Flex Series® TRX685 Extremely Lightweight AeroDex®

  • For workers handling oily materials, these lightweight gloves provide warmth, as well as impact protection without the loss of dexterity.

Saf-T-Gard® Voltgard® Supreme Leather Protector Gloves

  • For work with electrical applications, workers need insulated leather gloves to help them stay safe. This brand of gloves comes recommended by ISHN readers and feature added wrist protection and a strap that keeps gloves securely in place.

Saf-T-Gard® Solva-Gard® Therma-Gard® Extreme Temperature-Resistant Nitrile-Coated Gloves

  • Replacing previously used materials, such as rubber or neoprene, these innovative gloves provide protection for employees handling chemicals. They’re also cut-resistant and provide a secure grip on wet, dry or oily materials. They come in two lengths for forearm or full-arm protection and are lined with mildew- and germ-resistant fabric.


  • These safety glasses are designed to be comfortable and functional, as well as stylish. They feature fog reduction and an enhanced field of vision, so workers can adequately complete their work without reduced visibility. With adjustable nose pads and equal weight distribution, they stay comfortable while keeping workers safe.

KEEN Utility Vista Energy

  • For manufacturing and warehouse environments that require speed and agility, this line of safety-toe work sneakers provides comfort and support. This lightweight line offers non-metallic toe protection, while helping workers safely navigate oily or slippery surfaces.

PIG™ Portable Adjustable Clear Barrier & Sneeze Guard

  • Freestanding and easy to move and install, this shield makes it fast and easy to get barrier protection in place. Use in any area that requires face-to-face interaction to stay compliant with standards and provide social distancing.

TGX® Gateway

  • Provide exposure protection with this device that can be installed in vehicles. It sends gas readings, location and real-time alerts, connecting workers with remote teams who can escalate and respond to concerns. The Gateway eliminates manual check-ins and improves efficiency.


The COMPASS device detects voltage and current, to reveal their location and keep workers aware. It’s always on and doesn’t need to be activated, so it provides around-the-clock awareness that’s vital and life-saving.

*Odell Studner does not endorse any of these items and is instead sharing this list for educational awareness

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