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Curtis Newman – Multi‐Unit Franchisee

“On behalf of our group, I want to let you know how much we appreciate the efforts of you and your team since we first became partners. From our first meeting, you have been patient, consultative and strategic with how to structure our insurance program and the significant savings we could experience by consolidation in the captive. I know that our group set up made this more complicated than most transitions. You were able to place us in a captive program based on modeling to achieve the most cost savings as a group while creating financial independency for each of our owners entering the captive model. Additionally, you have taken the time to truly educate me on the intricacies of the Captive and that is very appreciated.

It is clear that you and Odell Studner are experts in the captive space and truly embrace a consultative approach when applying the firm’s insurance knowledge to our business operations.”

Brant Hartle - CFO

“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your team for your continued support and expertise. Your team’s ability to understand our business model and industry has allowed you to become an extension of our safety and risk management team. Since your initial involvement in 2017, you have helped us successfully grow and expand our captive program and maximize the financial benefit to our entire system.

Your customization of the captive financials at the franchise level has created a better understanding of a complex product for our members. Additionally, the captive rates continue to outperform traditional market rates which gives all of our members a competitive advantage over the competition.
You and your team have become strong partners and we look forward to many years of continued success!”

Butch Moll - CFO Empire Franchise Group

“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how appreciative I am of your team’s services. With your firm working as our insurance consultant and broker we know that you are constantly working to our long-term benefit. In conjunction with your firm’s risk management expertise and the captive structure, we can continue to control our losses and secure the rewards of our efforts in an environment where decision makers are fellow captive members.

As we continue to grow, your team truly understands our operational needs and the impact of insurance costs to our bottom line. Your consultative approach to risk management techniques, program structure and claims advocacy continues to give us a significant advantage in controlling total cost of risk.

We thank you for all that you guys do and look forward to many years of success!”

Tim Lightner - Owner and franchisee. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK

“Our companies have been participating in the captive insurance program with Jason Parkins and his team at Odell Studner for 7 years. I don’t think we could be any happier. The program itself has performed amazingly. Our safety and risk management culture in our businesses is dramatically improved from when we went into the captive program, insuring much safer employees, less down time and happier customers. Our rates have dropped significantly while our exposures have grown! This could not have been possible in traditional insurance. And best of all, we have developed a new cash flow source with the return of unused premiums.
Odell Studner is a professional company whose experience and expertise has benefitted us in may ways. Jason in particular has helped with many different things from understanding our equity statements to helping us through acquisitions, all while looking out for our best interests first above his own, and helped coordinate his entire team to our benefit. Simply put, we are just better because we work with Jason and the team at Odell.
I would highly recommend Jason Parkins and Odell Studner and the captive insurance programs offered by them for any company who is ready to commit to improving their safety and risk management cultures and gain better financial control of their long tail insurance expenses.”

Paul M Brown - Two Men And A Truck

“I am happy to write this letter recommending your company to other franchisors and businesses.
helped us to create and maintain complete insurance program which is a critical component of our franchise business. Additionally, you and your team have taken the time to fully understand our business model to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our program.
For me as a captive member, your ability to simplify the financial complexities of the program has been invaluable. Additionally, your consultative approach to evaluating our risk has allowed us to further exploit the captive advantages of driving down our total cost of risk. I know that my interests are well protected with you and the team as our trusted partner.
Thanks for your great services and feel free to use me as a reference for other franchisors considering the group captive model.”