Remote work has been a topic of debate ever since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down workplaces and sent millions of Americans back to their homes to protect them from the virus. Research on remote work in the past few years, however, indicates that the arrangement offers unexpected benefits to both workers and employers.


Remote Work is Making Work More Accessible

Remote work has made work more accessible for workers with disabilities, according to two recent studies of remote work and work access. Analysis by the Economic Innovation Group (EIG) of data from the Current Population Survey discovered that disabled workers ages 25-54 were 3.5 percent more likely to be employed in the second quarter of 2022 than they were before the pandemic began.

Disabled workers can use remote working tools to complete tasks and engage with their teams while still having access to the medical equipment, supplies, and environment they need.

Remote work has made work accessible to other workers as well. By removing the need to commute or the hurdles of geographic location, remote work allows workers to engage with workplaces, teams, and employers worldwide.


Leveraging Remote Work to Expand Your Workforce’s Skills

As remote work makes work more accessible, companies can benefit from these changes by offering remote work as a way to expand their teams’ skill sets and bring in the talent they need.

To leverage remote work:

  • Make fully or partly remote work an option¬†for your teams, especially for workers with disabilities, commuting challenges, or household responsibilities that would otherwise hinder their ability to be in an office full-time.
  • Focus on building strong communication¬†with remote workers, emphasizing culture-building both in person and in digital environments.
  • Use remote work to accommodate¬†workers with disabilities and other needs.

Looking to expand access to qualified candidates?

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