The number of severe weather events and the cost of the damage they cause continue to rise across the United States.   As both the frequency and severity of these events increase, it becomes even more important to ensure that your home, business, and other real estate holdings are safe and protected against severe winter weather events

Here are several steps you can take to prevent or minimize damage risk during the cold winter months.

Protect your pipes.

Burst pipes can easily flood a home or business in a matter of minutes.  A pipe that breaks and then re-freezes can cause additional damage as well, damage that may not be discovered for some time due to the placement or location of the pipe.  Before winter begins, make sure all building pipes are insulated, especially any pipes that may be exposed to the elements.  Talk to a plumber if you’re concerned about any plumbing in your buildings or if you’ve had issues with frozen or burst pipes in the past.

Inspect roofs and keep them clear of precipitation.

Existing roof wear or damage will only get worse under severe rain, snow, or ice. Heavy snow or ice cover may also lead to leaks, which can cause interior water damage.  Before the winter season hits is a great time to check roofs, make needed repairs, and create a plan for keeping heavy snow and ice from causing damage.

Clean and double-check gutters and downspouts.

Gutters and downspouts play an essential role in guiding rain and snowmelt off the roof and directing the flow away from the foundation of your building.   To that end, it is important to make sure gutters are cleaned regularly and that downspouts drain several feet away from the foundation, so that water doesn’t reenter the building’s basement or crawl space.

Test handrails and check steps.

Winter rain, fallen leaves, snow, and ice make slip-and-fall injuries more likely.  Make sure outdoor handrails offer sturdy support.  Examine walkways for cracks, depressions that might trip up pedestrians and /or catch water and freeze over, as well as other hazards that could become more dangerous in cold weather. Create a plan for keeping high traffic and/or common areas clear of snow and ice. 

Invest in a generator.

 A generator can save thousands of dollars in inventory loss. In some cases, a generator may even help save lives – especially during a prolonged power outage in severe weather. Don’t hesitate to invest in a quality generator suitable for your building.


Looking for protection against severe weather events?

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