Millions of Americans live and work in places where a hurricane may strike. If you’re among them, it’s vital to prepare for hurricane season. By taking steps to prepare for a hurricane, you can keep your property and the people who use it as safe as possible during a hurricane. To prepare your property for hurricane season:

Gather emergency supplies, and keep them clearly labeled and readily accessible.

Families often have emergency kits containing their essential documents, medication, clothing, food and water. For a business, emergency tools like flashlights and batteries, generator supplies, first aid kids, food and water, and fire extinguishers are a must for hurricane preparedness.

Know how to read hurricane weather reports.

A hurricane “watch” means conditions are right for a hurricane. A hurricane “warning” means a hurricane is coming. 

An easy way to remember the difference: Watch for more information, or take warning that it’s time to protect yourself and your property. 

Prepare the property for a hurricane.

When a hurricane watch is called, it’s wise to take steps to reduce damage. A warning may occur with only a few hours to prepare. Don’t wait for a warning before you:

  • Secure loose objects outside the building, like trash cans and outdoor furniture or equipment. 
  • Cover windows and doors with storm shutters.
  • Check smoke alarms, fire suppression systems, sump pumps, and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are working. 
  • Turn off the power to the building if flooding or downed power lines are a risk. If you must evacuate, turn off the power (and, if possible, the gas and water) before leaving. 

Have an evacuation plan.

Whether at home or in a business, have a plan for evacuating people and animals if a hurricane warning is issued or an evacuation is ordered. Go over this emergency plan with workplace staff, so that everyone knows what to do if an evacuation order comes. Similarly, have a plan if an order advises your team to shelter in place rather than to leave the building. 


Are you ready for hurricane season?

Let the team at Odell Studner help you answer this question. We provide risk assessment and  risk management services that can help you ensure you have the coverage you need – no matter what storms lie ahead. Contact us today to learn more.