Private Risk

You’ve worked hard to build your net worth. How can you be certain your assets, family and legacy are protected?

Odell Studner Private Risk Management Insurance


At Odell Studner, we take a proactive approach to developing a personalized insurance and risk management plan tailored to your unique needs. Our solutions are designed to protect high-value assets – such as your homes, vehicles, jewelry and other valuables.

Personal insurance solutions provide broad coverage first while maintaining competitive rates for valuable personal assets often left exposed by traditional insurance.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind by preparing for unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances.

Odell Studner provides specialized risk consulting and insurance brokerage services to middle-market companies and successful individuals and families.

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We’re dedicated to protecting your hard-earned assets and represent only the highest pedigree of insurance carriers.


Who Should Consider Private Risk Insurance?

Our typical clients include senior executives, business owners, entrepreneurs and families​ with a deep concern for​ asset protection seeking expert advice from someone who understands their needs.

Private Risk Insurance may be worth considering if one or all of the below characteristics apply to you or your family:​

  • Net worth in excess of $10 million​
  • Own multiple residences.​
  • Exposure not covered by typical insurance (collector autos, fine art, jewelry, wine, yachts, or aircraft, for example) ​
  • Employ domestic staff (housekeeper/nanny, etc.)​
  • Frequent traveler (domestic and international)​
  • Higher than average personal liability limit needs = $10 million to $150 million​

If you have similar concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to walk you through your options. We might simply reassure you that your existing coverage is adequate for your current risk level.

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What Does a Vulnerability Assessment Entail?


This service is intended to assess risks and identify coverage gaps that can lead to financial loss or legal exposure and recommend solutions for managing them.

  • Home appraisal to assess the current value of your home and document any unique features.
  • Cyber security audit of your home technology and network
  • Review of tangible assets such as fine arts, antiques, jewelry, collectibles and classic cars.​
  • Video of the home’s contents to provide a visual inventory.
  • Thermographic home scans​ to detect hidden hot spots, fire hazards, and moisture or mold. ​​
  • Discussion of travel dangers such as security alerts and potential terrorist threats.

A vulnerability assessment is a valuable tool for understanding where you are exposed to risks and how you can mitigate those risks.

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Personal Risk Analysis


Based on your personal risk analysis and our subsequent discussions, we outline an insurance and risk management program that responds to your needs, protects your assets at risk and is cost-appropriate.

Through our gap analysis and risk review, we will:

  • Consider how your current circumstances and existing program align with your risk tolerance.
  • Identify potential uninsured and underinsured liability exposure.
  • Identify coverage duplications and deficiencies.
  • Evaluate insurance to value on all property.
  • Identify any “contingent” exposures created through community or non-profit board. involvement, foreign travel and general lifestyle.


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Private Risk Management Services


At Odell Studner, we proactively manage your program to ensure that your coverages remain up-to-date and meet your changing risk profile. Every client is assigned an experienced account executive who manages your program and serves as your consistent point of contact.

Our Private Risk Group provides additional value-added services, including:

  • Home contents, video and inventory services
  • Appraisal services for your home, fine art, jewelry and other collectibles
  • Home scans to detect hidden moisture and electrical problems
  • Flood consulting services
  • Cyber safety and security audits
  • Background checks for hired staff.

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Personal Insurance Solutions


Personal insurance coverage we offer includes:

  • Homeowners, including secondary and seasonal homes insurance.
  • Coverage for valuable articles and collections.
  • Flood, earthquake and wind insurance.
  • Auto insurance to cover collector, classic and other high-value vehicles.
  • Protection for private watercraft and aircraft.
  • Personal excess and umbrella liability with limits up to $100 million.
  • Group personal excess liability programs through your employer.
  • Employment practices liability for hired staff.
  • Workers’ compensation for hired staff.
  • 831(b) micro-captives


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Featured Service: Visual Personal Property Inventory


There is nothing more heartbreaking than watching someone standing in front of their damaged or destroyed home, trying to list everything they own from memory. A video inventory leaves nothing to chance. A video of your possessions makes filing a claim easier — and helps you put your life back together. It’s just one of the ways our Odell Studner helps give you peace of mind.

Watch our video to learn how a visual personal property inventory works. To learn more, contact Linda Pittounicos: 484.586.3936 or lpittounicos(at)

Protect Your Wealth and Assets With Odell Studner Private Risk Insurance


Count on our team’s private risk solutions to identify, assess and manage the unique risks that come with your high net worth. From property and casualty insurance solutions to cybersecurity and more, we can help.

What to expect as an Odell Studner Private Risk Client


  • Complete onboarding for new clients.
  • Full risk analysis included with proposal.
  • Coordination of service providers.
  • Scheduled quarterly check-ins​.
  • Annual renewal review.​
  • Quarterly newsletter​.
  • Representative on call 24/7.


Leave something as important as private risk management to the professionals. Contact Odell Studner today to set up a personal risk analysis consultation and get started with a member of our team.

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