There are many common environmental hazards present at a nursing home facility that have the potential to contribute to trips and falls. If employees are injured, you will incur excess workers’ compensation costs and staffing challenges while an injured worker is recovering. However, if identified early on, you can prevent employee injuries and contain claims costs.

Common environmental hazards include:

  • Wet and slippery floors
  • Uneven surfaces or flooring
  • Lifting residents in confined spaces such as bathrooms or showers
  • Work areas cluttered or obstructed with excessive objects
  • Inadequate lighting

To reduce or prevent trips and slips from environmental hazards, consider the following:

  • Repair uneven surfaces and flooring
  • Install non-slip surfaces or provide mats in bathroom and shower areas
  • Train staff to report and/or clean up spills immediately
  • Provide equipment for lifting in confined spaces; eliminate lifting when possible in these areas
  • Remove clutter or excess objects from work areas utilized by employees on a regular basis
  • Increase lighting in all areas of the facility

Content: Zywave, Inc.