Odell Studner and Layer 8 Security Combine Core Competencies to Help Companies Tackle Cyber Attacks


Risk management firm Odell Studner and cybersecurity firm Layer 8Security recently formed an alliance to provide clients a cost-effective cybersecurity solution that offers clarity on their cyber landscape and ultimately reduces their risk. The exclusive relationship enables clients to better understand their exposures and vulnerabilities in today’s information security environment.


Layer 8 Security starts by performing an information risk assessment for clients based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework. The result is an executive-level planning tool that outlines recommendations to strengthen their security posture, including the vendors used by a company. Through insurance consultant Odell Studner, cyber liability insurance carriers can utilize the findings to write a comprehensive cyber liability insurance policy to fit the unique needs of the businesses at a discounted rate.


According to an IBM/Ponemon Institute survey in 2015, the average cost of a cyber breach is $3.8 million. In a 2014 Global Economic Crime survey, one in four organizations reported being a victim of a cyber crime, with 11{7c067fb356c362924ae5d39d85ce41ef366e7de1f607d2cec4fd85d44ad5009e} experiencing financial losses of over one million dollars. Odell Studner and Layer 8 Security created a solution to this increasingly disturbing trend. As information security breaches evolve, businesses need not only to better understand their exposures and vulnerabilities but also to protect themselves in the event of a cyber attack.


“Clients are realizing that actively managing their cyber risk is a necessary and urgent component to their overall risk management plan. Beyond gaining knowledge, they are seeking robust solutions that protect and empower their business,” says Steven Odell, CEO, Odell Studner. “Through this unique collaboration, our clients are now better armed and at a better advantage versus their competition.”


“From our experiences at the NSA and U.S. Cyber Command, we learned that information security, risk management, corporate governance, and insurance expertise give businesses the tools to maintain a continuous defense against cyber threats. By bringing our collective experience together, we are providing our clients with significant value and reassurance that they are fulfilling their corporate responsibility to their customers and stakeholders,” says Kevin Hyde, Managing Director, Layer 8 Security.


Companies interested in leveraging information security and risk management to improve their business should visit www.layer8cybersecurity.com or www.odellstudner.com.


About Odell Studner

Odell Studner provides specialized risk consulting and insurance brokerage services to middle-market companies. Our practice groups comprise real estate, construction, temporary staffing and human services, with a specialized focus on captive insurance. We develop successful business relationships by partnering with forward-thinking companies who understand that taking action to reduce risk accelerates growth and increases profitability. For more information, visit OdellStudner.com. The Odell Studner Group. Risk Management. Solved.


About Layer 8 Security

Layer 8 Security focuses on the effective management of cybersecurity at the human layer where business processes and technology intersect through various services such as information risk auditing, penetration testing, and more. They have extensive experience and training from operations serving the National Security Agency, U.S. Cyber Command, Department of Defense, Special Operations, and Defense and Private Industries. Layer 8 Security members have served at home and abroad, and many still serve today as Reserve members or contractors.