Are you losing team members left and right? Do your top people always seem to be the first to go? Could poor management be driving the problem? In this post, we cover five management styles that lead to high turnover and low engagement. If you want to keep your best people, keep these tips in mind:

Build your people and workplace with praise.

Toxic managers use public criticism to tear down team members and foster unhealthy competition. Team members leave because this negative approach hinders their ability to do their best work. Instead, deliver criticism in private. In public, offer positive comments. Give specific examples of the behavior and results that merit praise, so that others can follow the example. 

Don’t “play the game”  – or expect anyone else to.

“Play the game,” “climb the ladder,” or “office politics” – no matter what you call it, this approach distracts workers by placing an extra layer of unspoken responsibility on them. Top performers especially dislike these games, seeing them as a hindrance to their career growth. End the games. Be direct (but tactful) to those around you. When drama starts, encourage teams to talk it out and mediate if necessary. 

Break down cliques and bring everyone onto the team.

Cliques can feel great to those in them. But to those outside the fold, the best answer may be to leave the company in search of a place where everyone is included. To attract and keep top talent, become the place where everyone is included. Work on fostering a team in which everyone works with everyone else. Mutual respect and trust are essential to reaching group goals. 

Practice delegation, not micromanagement.

Micromanaged team members quickly become restless for a workplace in which they can carry out their own tasks. This is especially true for top performers, who want their leaders to have the same trust in the skills they have in themselves. Work on delegating, not micromanaging. Doing so will free you up for the tasks you can’t give your team, and it will also develop your team’s skills and confidence. 

Invest in your team members’ career development.

Many people look for new roles when they realize they can’t grow further with their current employer. Keep your team engaged and attract top talent by understanding their career aspirations and providing real opportunities for further growth. 

Building the right team can be tough. When you find the people you need, keep them engaged with the right management style. Contact the team at Odell Studner for help with your business needs.