Hurricane season is officially here. If you’re a business, property, or home owner, it’s time to refresh your hurricane safety tips, supplies, and plans in case a storm comes. To protect your property and the people that matter to you, put these hurricane tips to work:

Put people over property.

Focus your preparation efforts on keeping your workers, customers, or family safe. Often, steps that protect human lives also help protect property. 

Create a work from home plan that lets people work where they are safest.

A flexible remote-work plan during hurricane season allows people to work where they are safest. It allows people to evacuate when needed while still ensuring essential tasks are addressed on time. Remember that other businesses and customers will likely need to respond to the hurricane as well, and prioritize work tasks accordingly. 

Keep your team communication channels open and up to date.

Communication is a must during a hurricane threat. Make sure your team has at least two means of reliable communication, such as phone lines and an email, text, or Slack channel. When sharing hurricane-related information, use multiple channels, including social media, to make sure everyone gets the message. 

Check your building’s structural protections, like hurricane barriers.

Hurricane barriers and other structural features can help keep both your property and the people within it safe during a major weather event. Double-check these features and improve them as necessary. 

Prepare an emergency kit and make sure everyone knows where it is.

Include food, water, and blankets in an emergency kit as well as essential supplies like a first aid kit and flashlights. If you’re preparing kits at home, consider adding items like a charging bank and a small supply of any necessary medication for family members. At both work and home, place emergency kits in an easily-accessed location. Mark this location clearly, and make sure everyone knows where the kit is. Update the kit regularly, replacing items that may expire. 

Finally, prepare for hurricane season by ensuring you have the right insurance coverage to get back on your feet quickly after a loss. Get in touch with the experts at Odell Studner for a review of your insurance needs.