‘Tis the season for holiday parties. As always, workplace party organizers want the event to be a success – and they also want it to reflect well on the business.


If you’re throwing your team a holiday party this year, keep these dos and don’ts in mind. Let them guide you to a successful event and a strong start to 2023.


DO include your entire team.

Merely planning an in-person event leaves your remote team members hanging – and feeling as if they’re less important or valued. Find a way to include both onsite and offsite team members in the holiday fun.


DO include significant others.

A work party that is restricted to workers only can feel like another required meeting. Break your team members out of the work rut by inviting significant others to join in the fun. In some workplaces, a family-friendly event might be a great fit.


DO get your team members involved.

Dress-up options, decorating committees, and other outlets help your team make this party their own. It also allows you to delegate, so you’re not swamped at the end of the year.



DON’T overserve your team.

Think carefully about whether you want to include alcohol at all, and if you do, how you want to manage distribution. Consider the opinions of your team members and their perspective on significant others.


DON’T exclude certain holidays.

Christmas is the big name this time of year, but the months of November and December include dozens of different holidays. Resist the urge to create a party that focuses on a single holiday’s theme and embraces a more expansive winter spirit.


DON’T overlook your team’s input.

There are plenty of ways to throw a safe, fun, engaging holiday party at work. Charity events, potlucks, and other party options allow your team to relax, enjoy each other’s company, and make the event their own. Seek feedback from your team in the planning stages so you offer an event you know they’ll enjoy.


Looking for a way to ring in the winter holidays and set your team up for success in the new year?

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