In times of civil disturbance and unrest, your thoughts may drift to the safety of your business. How can you keep your workers, your property and your livelihood secure from violence and destruction? It helps to be aware and informed and follow a clear set of guidelines.


Be prepared ahead of time

If you wish to be prepared, it’s a good idea to stay informed of what’s happening in the world and your surrounding community. Watch the news and check out social media. Keep your eyes and ears open so you can take action if something is going on.


Assess your property

Get started by taking a look at your property and the neighborhood around it for any potential red flags you may need to address. You’ll want to check for any possible security gaps, means of breaking and entering, or other safety concerns. This could include vegetation that obscures entry points, alleys, or nearby streets that could allow unwanted entry onto your property, nearby trash bins, propane or oil tanks that could be set on fire, and the number of locations where vandals could get in. Then, install security measures such as cameras, alarm systems, reinforced locks, sprinkler systems, and motion-sensor lighting. You may also wish to hire security guards.


Be ready in the moment

Once you’re prepared, you can take steps to protect your business when a time of civil unrest arises:

  • Remove high-value items from the premises. This includes cash-on-hand, high-value merchandise or supplies, vehicles and other items that may be the target of theft or vandalism. Store them in a safer, off-site location until they can safely be returned to the premises.
  • Change business hours. If employees are in danger, change your operating hours for a safer workday. Alert customers through email or social media so they’re prepared.
  • Get in touch with local authorities. If you fear your business could become the target of an attack, contact law and government officials to explain your concerns.

Plan for continuation of business

A business continuity plan helps you protect your company and avoid service disruptions despite the hardships faced during times of civil unrest. It includes steps to help limit losses, the emergency response process you’ll follow to protect your business and employees, and any actions you’ll take for recovery to help the business get back to normal operations.


Manage your risk

There’s no better peace of mind than protecting your business through insurance. You’ll want to work with your insurance company to make sure you have the proper commercial insurance coverage. A risk management expert, such as Odell Studner, can help you assess your business risk and take all precautions to minimize it. To learn more about the services we offer, contact us today.