November 11 is Veterans Day in the United States. While this federal holiday offers an opportunity to honor our veterans as a community, this holiday isn’t enough to provide the support veterans need – or to fully reintegrate them into workplaces where their specific skills and experiences can support a greater goal.

Engage your teams in goal-setting.

Veterans have experience working together to reach a common goal. In the armed forces, no one succeeds alone. Everyone relies on the skills and engagement of the servicemembers that surround them.

To build a more veteran friendly workplace, recreate this team environment by engaging your teams in goal setting. Be transparent about the company’s mission, vision, and values, and encourage teams to set KPIs and goals that reflect these cultural touchstones. You’ll foster a sense of ownership over day-to-day tasks – the same sense that drives excellence in the armed forces.

Focus on the process.

Setting goals can help foster engagement and teamwork, but a focus on processes is essential to ensure your team actually reaches these goals. It’s a lesson veterans learn firsthand in the armed forces, and it’s one that will attract veterans to your teams and encourage them to help you build a strong company culture.

When interviewing veterans, discuss processes as well as upcoming goals. Ask them to describe how past work processes led them to success, or ask them to describe ways they’d help keep their team on track while pushing toward a goal.

Offer continuous learning opportunities.

The armed forces offer continuous learning opportunities for servicemembers. Veterans used to an environment that challenges them regularly often seek such an environment in the workplace – and they’re willing to search until they find it. Attract these curious, committed lifelong learners with support for continuous learning, from on-the-job training to support for higher education efforts.

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