Artificial intelligence (AI) uses computer algorithms to sort through massive data sets, spotting patterns and revealing connections between information. Because AI can examine large data sets quickly, it is becoming popular in hiring, where recruiters face the challenge of sorting through hundreds or thousands of resumes in a timely manner.


Here’s how AI is changing the face of recruiting:

AI is taking on routine tasks, freeing up hiring managers to focus on candidates.

Artificial intelligence can sort through resumes far more quickly than human staff members can. AI can also spot complex patterns in the education, positions, achievements, and skills listed on resumes. It is not limited to mere keyword searchers, as early applicant tracking systems were.


With these tasks out of the way, hiring managers have more time and energy to focus on individual candidates. They can spend time learning how each person may fit into the existing team.

Hiring managers and recruiters get a new perspective on their candidate pools.

AI can spot patterns and interconnections among data points much more quickly than humans can. As the algorithm spots these patterns and connections, it can report on what it sees.


The result? New insights into your applicant pools. These insights can be put to use in myriad of ways, from improving your job postings to tailoring the questions you ask your candidates during interviews. The deeper the dataset, the more nuanced the insights available.

Hiring is shifting to a skills-based approach.

Education, credentials, and job titles have long stood as shorthand for certain skill sets – because parsing individual skills was a labor-intensive process when done by hand. AI can drill down to the skills directly.


The result is a new emphasis on hiring for skills and skill growth, rather than for credentials. As companies look at skills, they open up new candidate populations and build a more resilient workforce.



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