Odell Studner Group, a leading provider of risk management consulting and insurance services, is excited to announce the addition of Cornel Pendergrass to the company’s Staffing Practice Group. Pendergrass joins Odell Studner as a a Senior Account Executive and is primarily responsible for providing consultation, strategy and service to clients. He manages client relationships while providing senior leadership to the Staffing Practice Group.


Prior to joining Odell Studner, Pendergrass was a Vice President with Core Assurance Partners in Virginia Beach and Conner Strong & Buckelew in Philadelphia. He served clients in a variety of industries—including construction, real estate, public entities and professional service organizations.


Throughout his career, Pendergrass has earned a reputation as a solutions-oriented partner and trusted advisor. He has worked with clients in the U.S. and globally in designing and implementating complex insurance and risk management programs. He is committed to developing creative insurance solutions that best meet the business objectives of his clients. 


“We pride ourselves as being a landing spot for top talent. We focus on bringing the best into our fold, which ultimately drives value to our clients,” said Geoff Goldwater, President & Chief Strategy Officer at Odell Studner. “Cornel understands our company’s value proposition and has already made an impact on our team with his commitment to client success.”