Commercial Insurance

Protecting an organization extends beyond just purchasing a portfolio of commercial insurance products. True risk management requires a thorough understanding of your businesses’ exposure, as well as your tolerance to loss, and proactively reduces, transfers or eliminates your exposure before it becomes a problem. Only then can an effective commercial insurance plan be developed. At Odell Studner, we offer customized risk management services and insurance products to ensure your business runs efficiently and profitably.


Risk Audit & Assessment

Through our comprehensive risk audit and assessment, we:

  • Identify and evaluate issues that could negatively impact the financial or operational well being of your organization
  • Identify opportunities to reduce and/or control risk exposure through effective loss control and claim management programs
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your current insurance program
  • Provide premium benchmarking
  • Outline various program structures and alternative funding vehicles
  • Provide a loss forecasting and retention analysis
  • Provide a workers’ compensation experience modification analysis
  • Review your contract’s insurance and indemnification requirements and offer suggestions to transfer risk and protect your interests

Captive Insurance/Alternative Risk Financing

There are multiple ways to manage risk in addition to traditional insurance solutions. If your firm is seeking a creative way to manage and finance risk, self-insurance or a captive may be right for you. These widely accepted alternative could make a world of difference to your bottom line and business model. To learn more, click here.

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