“You guys execute. You have over-delivered in the relationship so far both in captive and non-captive products (and just regular counsel). What you said you would do…you did. 'Own it' is a big deal to me, and you guys get that and demand it of your people. It is evident."

Jim Malandra, ImageFirst

"You have put together a complete insurance program for us, which is a critical and often overlooked part of the franchise business. We were relieved to turn over the full insurance audit process to you. As expected, many of our franchisees were underinsured or even uninsured, creating great risk for themselves and us as their franchisor. Your relentless follow-up and attention to detail has made our job easier."

Todd P. Leff, President & CEO, Hand & Stone Franchise Corporation

“You and your staff have given us a better understanding of the details that make up our insurance costs. Whether it was through a workshop, managing a specific claim or evaluating our safety procedures, I always have felt that we were taking the right steps to controlling our costs.”

August C. Schultes, IV, P.E., President, A.C. Schultes, Inc.


“I cannot express how appreciative I am with the captive insurance solutions that you recently put in place. This solution has totally changed our landscape. We now get significant rewards for our impeccable safety record and minimal claim history.”

Michael Bray, Executive Vice President, Shelby Mechanical Inc.

“Due to Odell Studner’s Captive solution for our insurance, we have been able to build out our internal staff and, ultimately, have found a once-in-a-lifetime solution in which we can control our losses and reap the rewards of our efforts in a controlled environment where decision makers are fellow staffing owners.”

Tom Tsai, Owner, People Staffing

“After Odell Studner performed a gap analysis of our coverages, the findings were shocking. You were able to improve our coverage pricing and safety in our communities. I can’t tell you how much that’s meant to us over the past few years. We know we are in good hands now."

Samuel Menaged, President & CEO, The Renfrew Center, Inc.

Sandmeyer Steel

Steve Odell brought us the captive arrangement. Our premiums over the years have been drastically reduced.. The captive has made us masters of our destiny in terms of making sure that we’re a safe company and reducing our losses. We’ve become a better company as a result of the captive. We’re not looking back.

Ed Kicak

Chief Financial Officer

Integrity Staffing Solutions

Odell Studner is so much different than a traditional insurance broker. They’re my risk management partners. Because they’ve taken the time to really understand my business – where my risks are, where my needs are – they can customize solutions for my business that fit my specific needs.

Jaime Donnelly

Chief Risk Officer

B&M Leasing

Odell Studner earned our commercial business over 30 years ago, and in tandem with that came personal lines. The company understands our needs, services us at a level no other company did, and has maintained that level of service impeccably for a 30-year term.

Howard Savage


Abramson Center for Jewish Life

When we have added a new business at the Abramson Center, we have leaned on Odell Studner to analyze our insurance program, ensure that we get competitive premium increases, and leverage the existing lines of business and our positive claim experience to really reduce the impact of our insurance premiums…to really help the business start to get off the ground.

Mark Wasserman

Chief Financial Officer

Gambone Management Company

I would recommend Odell Studner to other companies engaged in the leasing business because they have in-house counsel and a team of professionals that work with you both in understanding how to allocate risk and understanding how to document that allocation of risk in your lease documents.

Donn Guthrie

General Counsel

Endurance Real Estate Group

I have total confidence in Odell Studner’s real estate knowledge and abilities. I’ve been able to understand potential risks that are in our portfolio that I probably would have overlooked. They highlighted those for me and also highlighted areas where I may have had too much coverage or coverage that was really just Swiss cheese coverage.

Bill White

Chief Executive Officer