As more of our personal and work tasks occur online, concerns about cyber security continue to grow. Recent cyber attacks, including the rise of ransomware, can affect the personal data of millions of people at once.


To protect their data and build customer confidence, businesses need a robust approach to cyber risk mitigation. Partners like Acrisure Cyber Services and Odell Studner can help you enact the protections necessary for your business.

What kind of cyber risk protections does my business need?


Many businesses face common threats from digital bad actors. These include data breaches, data theft, and protection against virus and ransomware attacks.


Tools that can help businesses prevent or mitigate a cyber attack include:


  • Email security tools. Email is a common target for cybercriminals. Many email programs have poor defenses. A robust email system can help protect your systems from viruses and account takeovers.
  • Antivirus tools. Antivirus software is a good start, but it may not update frequently enough to protect your business from the most recent variations on digital threats. AI-enabled antivirus solutions can adapt and respond more quickly to suspicious data or programs.
  • Vulnerability assessment and management. While most businesses face common threats, each business has a unique pattern of weak points. Professional risk assessment can help you find vulnerabilities and address them quickly.

How can partnerships with outside experts help?

Business owners and leaders are experts on their company, their industry, and their business goals. Yet they may have little experience handling digital security.


Partnering with outside experts can fill this knowledge gap without burdening your leadership or your workplace teams. Your experienced partner can:


  • Manage security information, spot threats, and respond appropriately.
  • Offer secure data backup options and easy data recovery in the event of a disaster.
  • Provide security training, so your teams know how to spot suspicious activity and how to respond to threats.


Need help improving your business’s digital security?

Talk to the team at Odell Studner. We specialize in helping our clients spot and address key challenges in their business, so that they can achieve their goals without facing unnecessary risks. Contact us today to learn more.