2023 is right around the corner, and it’s time to celebrate! Yet it’s also important to take a few steps to ensure that your holiday doesn’t start with a preventable mishap. Here are three ways to ensure that you and your team ring in the new year safely and in good health.


Plan your route home before you head out.

If you’re planning to head out for New Year’s Eve fun, create a safe route home before you go. Will you rely on a designated driver? Take a cab, rideshare, or public transportation? Walk to and from nearby events or friends’ houses?


When you have a safe route home planned in advance, you eliminate the need for guesswork while you’re out. You improve your safety and also free up your thoughts for New Year’s Eve fun.


Keep an eye on the forecast.

New Year’s Eve means snow and cold in many parts of the United States. In others, it means rain. Whatever the weather, keep an eye on the forecast and respond proactively for the new year. Keep walkways and stairways clear of snow, ice, and debris. Use salt to eliminate ice and other slippery hazards in these areas. Double-check lightbulbs both indoors and out. And if you haven’t changed your smoke detector batteries, now is a great time to do so!


Dress for your plans.

New Year’s Eve encourages dressing up and hitting the town. But just as you watch the weather to improve safety in and around your home, it’s also important to think about the weather in relation to what you plan to wear.


Heading to an indoor event? You’re probably safe breaking out the fancy clothes and impractical shoes. Need to walk to get to your destination – or are you headed for one of many outdoor events? Err on the side of staying warm, especially if you’re also planning to consume alcohol.


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