Staffing experiences trends like any other industry. These trends shape how businesses hire and how candidates look for new opportunities. Here are some of the top trends that will shape staffing in 2023.



Hybrid and Remote Work Remain the New Normal

Hybrid and remote work came into their own in 2023, and these new approaches to work aren’t going away. Instead, employers need to consider how they can offer hybrid, work-from-home, and remote options to their current teams and to new candidates.


When exploring your hybrid work options, consider how you’ll build culture when location is no longer a factor. Finding ways to include teams from anywhere in the world can strengthen your company’s ability to generate new ideas and address challenges.



Upskilling and Training to Boost Employee Retention

In a tight labor market, many companies look to improve retention rates and control the high costs of finding new talent. Upskilling and training your existing workforce to meet both of these goals.


With upskilling, re-skilling, and training, your current teams gain the skills required to move your company forward. They also deepen their relationship with the company and their co-workers, boosting retention.


Not only are employers more interested in training their teams, but job candidates are more interested in applying to roles that offer ongoing training and skill development too. Offering this training can improve both retention and recruiting.



AI-Enabled Hiring Platforms Help Automate Routine Hiring Tasks

Artificial intelligence has come into its own in the HR world. Today’s cutting-edge hiring platforms can automate many routine HR tasks, from filling out forms to contacting candidates.


Automated human resources tools offer several benefits. They allow HR teams to spend more time getting to know individual candidates, building networks and understanding what each potential new hire brings to the table. They also make the hiring experience less stressful for candidates, encouraging top talent to accept a job offer.




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