The 2017 Temporary Staffing Benchmark Report Is Here

This unique and valuable tool tells you how you stack up against other firms in the industry based on workers’ compensation performance metrics and claim characteristics.

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Loss data from 100+ staffing companies
Over 56,000 claims
$350MM+ in claims incurred
Claims experience in 48 states


Attorneys = $$$

Claims with legal representation = $32,824
Claims without = $4,012


Risk Management Departments

41{7c067fb356c362924ae5d39d85ce41ef366e7de1f607d2cec4fd85d44ad5009e} handle workers’ comp claims only
22{7c067fb356c362924ae5d39d85ce41ef366e7de1f607d2cec4fd85d44ad5009e} have a designated safety manager
59{7c067fb356c362924ae5d39d85ce41ef366e7de1f607d2cec4fd85d44ad5009e} have at least one staff member responsible for both safety & workers’ comp claims

And much more!

We also offer a customized comparison report that includes actionable data to empower you to make risk management decisions faster and more confidently.

When it comes to a dynamic industry like staffing, you need a dynamic solution. Count on Odell Studner to get you there.


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Kevin Turner

“I’m really impressed with the information presented. The benchmark report and customized report provide an excellent resource for identifying targeted risk program improvement opportunities, which I think differs from other reports I’ve seen that offer more generic guidance.”
Robert Deist CIH,CET, VP of Safety & Risk, OTS Holdings